Natvalglowy Face Pack

Natvalglowy Face Pack

Project Description

Our Ayurvedic face pack is made of best quality Ayurvedic ingredients.

The Ayurvedic formulation offered by Natvalcos is unique and most effective. We use variety of Ayurvedic ingredients well tested by our experts and used for several centuries to bring you the best from nature.Try our face pack and get complete and long lasting glowing skin with zero side effect along with anti ageing goals.

Radiant Glow / Smooth Skin / Even Tone

Natvalglowy Face Pack is a time tested formula containing Indian rare herbs like Arjuna which may help to brighten the skin Ambehaldi which is used for fairness, may help reduce acne & boils, help remove scars & marks & keeps away wrinkles Neem which is considered to have anti-bacterial properties help lighten acne, scars, blemishes Tulsi extract may help to detoxify the skin and reduce appearance of acne & pimples Lodhra has considered to have anti-oxidant properties which help in skin nourishment, lightens skin color, and may help reduce skin irritation, Ushira bharad which is loaded with antioxidants and hydrating qualities, may help to calm & soothe the skin.

More Information

A distinctive combination of Precious herbs which may support in skin tightening, reduce scars & blemishes, purifies pores & help detoxify skin making the face glow.

• It May help remove dead skin from epidermis and may brightens up the complexion. • It may absorb all the impurities that have been clogging pores & making the skin look dull.

• It may help rejuvenate the skin and also enhance the skin's elasticity.

• 100 % Natural and are free from petrochemicals, animal products, Synthetic colors, PEGs, alcohols & parabens. B

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