The Home Face Pack

The Home Face Pack

Try Rose Petals and Milk Pack

Pamper your skin with Cleopatra super softening rose milk recipe.

Take some rose petals and 2 teaspoons of thick milk, grind them to make a fine paste.To form a thick paste put the paste in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Gently apply the thick, creamy paste onto your face and neck.Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash your face with water.

Rose petals improves complexion and add glow to your skin.Regularly using this pack makes your skin feathery soft, smooth and fair.

“ Longing for a fair and glowing complexion? Get your face glow naturally without spending a lot of time and money on beauty salons or on beauty products.I have come up with some great Home made Face Packs that can make your face glow instantly and will help you in getting a fairer and a flawless complexion. ”


Nourish and pamper your face with Cleopatra rose milk recipe or enhance your complexion with saffron face packs or get an extra radiance face with various smoothing fruit busters.

I have tried..and believed me these packs does an absolute wonder on your skin.These face packs can be easily made at home, right from your kitchen.It’s time that you try these simple homemade face-packs before leaving your home before any party or special occasions.

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